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Rural Legend

  • 01/24/2020
  • 7:30 PM
  • Downstairs Lounge

For those of you who don't know us we're an acoustic trio composed of guitar, percussion, and cello, who perform American popular as well as Irish folk music. We can trace our roots back to the late 1990"s when myself, Mark Weaver, and Jack Burns had a rehearsal studio on Hartford Rd. in Manchester. We spent many days there hanging out and playing music. Over time we found ourselves playing more acoustic music and , interestingly enough, Irish music. The true beginning of what we now call Rural Legend happened when Mark invited fellow teacher and cellist Jim Kirchmyer over to play. The result was this blend of guitars, vocals and cello that just sounded great. We performed as a quartet under the name "The Tartans" occasionally and had a great time with it. In 2002 Jack moved to Arizona. The remaining three of us reformulated the band and renamed it "The Marksmen". Over the next 12 years we performed at over 120 events playing our own blend of Irish folk and Contemporary popular music. In 2004 we recorded our first album with Dave Reiber in New Haven, and in 2007 we recorded our second album at The CoffeeHouse Studio in Middletown. It took us a while, but in early 2013 we took that second album to a publisher to get it released. Around the same time we felt the band needed a make-over so we decided to change the name to "Rural Legend". We felt the new name better reflected the broader range of material we now preform. Our album was released under the name Rural Legend in April of 3013 and is available for download on iTunes or any other music downloading service. We are looking forward to our future as Rural Legend plan on playing around Connecticut and Southern Mass for years to come. Come check us out ....we'd love to see you!

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